Simulation Engineering Services

With todays space of changing technologies manufacturers need to launch increasingly complex products to market in stipulated time. Considering these challenges we at Autoone support clients for digitalvalidation of product using Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulations during design eventual to save time and resources in later phases of product development life cycle. With our vast experience in various domains and engineering Programs we have establishes an interface between Simulation and CAD during the design phase and predicts the product performance, leading much lower spends on prototypes and physical testing.

Our Specialization


Occupant Safety / Interior  Modules  Analysis

Occupant Safety Simulation
Stiffness & NVH Simulation
Strenght simulation
Miss use Load Case
Airbag Inflation

Crash Analysis /Pedestrian Safety Analysis

Front End Crash Analysis
Rear End Crash Analysis
Pedesterian Safety ( Head ,Leg & Upper Leg Impact)

BIW Crashworthiness Analysis

Frontal Crash Analysis
Side Impact Crash Analysis
Rear Impact Crash Analysis
Door Crush Analysis
Roof Crush Analysis
Roll Over Analysis
Numerical Optimization

Stiffness/Noise, Vibration, Harshness Analysis

Local/global static and dynamic stiffness values
Modal analyses
Frequency response analyses
Operational modal analyses
Numerical optimisation

Structural Add-on Parts Analysis

Stiffness: Global torsion, bending, local buckling strength
Comfort: Natural frequencies and modes, Energy emission
Safety: Pedestrian safety

Key Consulting Areas

Durability Simulations

Structural analysis
Vibrational analysis
Thermal Analysis

Mold Flow Solutions

Optimizing Gates
Cooling Analysis
Warpage and Weld line Analysis
Stiffness & Strength analysis
Noise Vibration & Harshness
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Size, Shape & Topology Analysis

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